NaturoMedica Introduces Aesthetic Medical Services

Aesthetic Issaquah Highlands Naturopath Skincare Seattle NaturoMedica

Aesthetic Issaquah Highlands Naturopath SkincareThe Eastside recently gained a new resource for achieving glowing and healthy skin: aesthetic medical services with master esthetician Gosia Reade at NaturoMedica, the naturopathic medical clinic at Grand Ridge Plaza. Working together, Reade and the physicians treat conditions ranging from acne to rosacea, in addition to concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dryness and premature aging. Reade’s services include facials and chemical peels, which are customized to meet individual needs.

“I’ve been a skincare professional for many years and it’s such a pleasure to work alongside the NaturoMedica physicians to provide tools, education and skincare advice to achieve beautiful skin,” said Reade. “For each treatment, I like to emphasize a graceful aging process while minimizing the effects of the passage of time on the appearance of skin. I also work with teens as their skin changes during Aesthetic Issaquah Highlands Naturopath Skincare Seattle NaturoMedicapuberty, helping to manage acne.”

For those who are unsure where to start, Reade recommends a European medical grade facial, also known as a medi-facial. Unlike typical spa facials, a medi-facial is an enhanced facial that is geared toward achieving specific results. Reade designs each medi-facial to repair, restore and rejuvenate skin using prescription-grade skincare products. There is no downtime or discomfort, and results are seen immediately. A medi-facial takes about an hour and includes cozy pampering as you lie on a heated bed and relax. During your treatment, Reade shares valuable skincare advice for your skin type, plus recommendations for combatting seasonal weather changes including dry winter skin.

Issaquah Highlands Naturopath Skincare SeattleThe focal point of NaturoMedica’s aesthetic medical services is HydraFacial MD®, a technology that combines the benefits of hydra-dermabrasion exfoliation, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions, and a special delivery of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid peptide-rich serums into one treatment. It’s appropriate for all skin types. In addition, Reade offers Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments that infuse molecular hyaluronic acid along with Vitamins A, C an E. This unique procedure diminishes fine lines and hydrates the skin.

Medi-facials such HydraFacial MD® can also improve collagen and elastin production in the skin, thus slowing down aging. Reade recommends a series of three medi-facials to treat concerns like pigment spots, sun damage, dehydration and broken capillaries. It’s a great option to get your skin looking its best before a special event or family photo shoot.

NaturoMedica Issaquah Highlands Naturopath Skincare SeattleWorking closely with NaturoMedica physicians, Reade also offers customized medi-facials for patients who are being treated for underlying issues that can affect the skin, including hormonal imbalances, digestive problems and chronic inflammation.

To learn more about naturopathic or aesthetic medical services, visit or call 425-557-8900. When booking an appointment with Reade, mention this blog and receive $50 off your first medi-facial.

Photo credit: Shubha Tirumale Photography LLC