6 Reasons to Love Gift Cards

Big Fish Grill Gift Card Issaquah Highlands

RAM Gift Card Issaquah HighlandsGift cards are more popular than ever this year – and for good reason. Everyone loves the freedom and flexibility that gift cards offer.

Restaurant gift cards top the list of preferred gifts to receive. This year, the restaurants of Grand Ridge Plaza are making gift cards much better to give. When you buy a gift card at select restaurants, you will receive a bonus (free) gift card to enjoy in 2018. It’s simply our way of saying thank you and spreading holiday joy.

Here’s a roundup of six great bonus gift card deals available this month at Grand Ridge Plaza.

1. The RAM Restaurant & Brewery: Treat someone special to a great night out at The RAM and a pint of their favorite brew. Buy a $50 gift card and receive a bonus $10 gift card to enjoy on your next visit.

2. Big Fish Grill: Buy a $100 gift card and receive a bonus $25 gift card. Or, buy a $50 gift card and receive a bonus $10 gift card. Gift cards are also valid at the Big Fish Grill locations in Kirkland and Woodinville.

Sip Gift Card Issaquah Highlands3. Sip at the wine bar & restaurant: The holiday season is brighter with $100 for $100 at Sip at the wine bar. Buy a $100 Sip at the wine bar gift card and receive four (4) bonus $25 gift cards to use at separate visits throughout 2018.

4. MOD Pizza: Give the gift of pizza… in the form of gift cards. Now through December 31, for each $50 MOD Pizza gift card you purchase, you will receive a card for a free MOD pizza and soda.

5. Bai Tong Thai: Only available at Costco, Bai Tong Thai’s gift card deal is valid in Issaquah Highlands at Grand Ridge Plaza, as well as their Redmond and Tukwila locations. Buy a $100 gift card and pay only $79.99. You will receive two (2) $50 gift cards as part of this deal.

6. Agave Cocina & Tequilas: Warm up with your favorite Mexican fare and a great scratch cocktailAgave Cocina Gift Card Issaquah Highlands in the New Year. Buy a $50 gift certificate at Agave Cocina & Tequilas and receive a bonus $20 gift certificate.

And for the movie buff on your list, Regal Cinemas Issaquah Highlands has a special gift card deal: the $50 Holiday Bonus Pack. The Bonus Pack contains two $25 gift cards and one $10 bonus concessions card. The bonus $10 concessions card is redeemable for concession purchases beginning January 1, 2018 through February 28, 2018.


Ask the NaturoMedica Doctor: Vitamin D

NaturoMedica Issaquah Naturopath Grand Ridge Plaza

NaturoMedica Issaquah Naturopath Grand Ridge PlazaAsk the Doctor is a monthly Q&A series written by the naturopathic doctors of the NaturoMedica Grand Ridge Plaza clinic.

Dear NaturoMedica Doctor,
I’ve heard that we don’t get enough vitamin D in the Pacific Northwest and I’m worried about getting enough vitamin D this fall. I take vitamin D as a supplement, how do I know if I’m getting enough?
Jeanne R.

Dear Jeanne,

Vitamin D is, actually, not a vitamin but a powerful hormone that our skin manufactures when exposed to sunlight. It is becoming more apparent that this sunshine hormone is essential for optimal health. Recent research has shown that adequate vitamin D levels can help prevent cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes. It also strengthens the immune system to fight off infections. If you spend most days indoors and most of your winters in the cloudy Northwest, you are wise to be concerned about your vitamin D level.

Low vitamin D levels are more common than previously thought. In fact, a study published in a popular medical journal found that 41% of adults age 49 to 83 were vitamin D deficient. The risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency is even greater in the Northwest. The UVB rays from the sun during the winter months are not strong enough to stimulate the skin’s vitamin D production. Additionally, the use of sunscreen during the summer months blocks the production of vitamin D by 98%. It is little wonder why vitamin D deficiency is becoming so common that some are considering it an epidemic.

NaturoMedica Issaquah Naturopath Grand Ridge PlazaUnfortunately, the medical community has yet to recognize a universal list of symptoms for vitamin D deficiency. I find, however, that those patients low in vitamin D often experience greater amounts of depression, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, bone loss, high blood pressure and blood sugar problems. The only way to determine whether a person has adequate levels of vitamin D is by measuring the circulating blood levels of the hormone through a blood test ordered by a physician.

In general, the amount of vitamin D found in a typical multivitamin is not enough to maintain optimal blood levels for those in the northern United States. I find that most of my patients require at least 1000 IU of vitamin D to maintain adequate blood levels and often require even higher doses when they are deficient. As a dose comparison, a cup of milk, which is considered a vitamin D rich food, only contains 100 IU of vitamin D. During the summer months, 20 minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen can help naturally boost vitamin D levels.

If you are at risk for a vitamin D deficiency, ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels yearly as part of an annual exam. A physician well versed in nutritional research can recommend the dose of vitamin D needed for your optimal health.

Naomi Bryant NaturoMedica Naturopath IssaquahIn Health,
Dr. Naomi Bryant ND

Dr. Naomi Bryant is a naturopathic physician at NaturoMedica, a full-service naturopathic medical clinic at Grand Ridge Plaza that is home to seven licensed naturopathic physicians. The clinic offers naturopathic healthcare, acupuncture and IV (intravenous) therapy. Visit www.naturomedica.com or call 425-557-8900 to learn more.

To ask the doctors a question for their next blog, send your question to: grandridgeplaza@regencycenters.com.


Shop Local at Northwest Jewelry Showcase

Seattle Northwest Jewerly Issaquah Boutique Jolie

Seattle La Boutique Jolie Issaquah Grand Ridge PlazaLa Boutique Jolie will welcome designers from across the greater Seattle area at its Northwest Jewelry Showcase from 4 pm to 8 pm on Friday, December 8. Featured designers include Mary Herzog of Paper Beadery Jewelry (Kirkland), Wendra Lynne of The Looking Glass (Redmond), and Lorraine Holland of Beaded Blessings Jewelry (Issaquah).

Visit the boutique to meet the designers, learn about the art of jewelry-making, design your own pieces, and find beautiful holiday gifts. Plus, shoppers will enjoy 30% off all clothing purchases during the event.

About the designers:

Have a passion for scrapbooking? The perfect necklace is waiting for you. Mary Herzog of Paper Beadery Jewelry creates one-of-a-kind pieces from scrapbook paper. Herzog rolls bright strips ofSeattle Northwest Jewerly Issaquah Boutique Jolie scrapbook paper into long beads. She mixes them with repurposed beads of wood, acrylic, glass ceramic and precious metals to create necklaces that are lightweight and flattering. Her designs bring new meaning to the term statement piece.

“I love the idea of mixing colors, textures, shapes, and sizes to make a dynamic, versatile, and completely unique piece of jewelry!” said Herzog. “As the mom of two young kids, I tend to dress rather basic these days – jeans and t shirts make up the bulk of my wardrobe. But one thing that keeps me feeling chic, fresh, and pulled together is an awesome necklace!”

Seattle Northwest Jewerly Issaquah Boutique JolieWendra Lynne of The Looking Glass created her line of necklaces to help her see the finer details of life – and the small print of clothing tags, food labels, vitamin jars, menus, playbills and more. Each necklace features a small magnifying glass and accents that reflect in the glass on an adjustable-length soft suede cord. No two necklaces are the same. She pairs the unexpected: recycled African glass with Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones with glass pony beads, sea shells with stones.

“Magic is everywhere – it’s the rhythmic beating of our hearts, the translucent colors of autumn leaves, the sweet songs of birds…. magic is everywhere, yet we often forget to see it,” said Lynne. “I design Looking Glass magnifying necklaces to remind us that magic is everywhere, most importantly inside of ourselves!”

Lorraine Holland of Beaded Blessings Jewelry has a simple mission: to support and remind everyone to breathe. Working with silver and metals, Swarovski crystals, glass, stone and semi-precious beads, she creates each piece of jewelry with a message of love. Holland launched her design career withSeattle Northwest Jewerly Issaquah Boutique Jolie Beaded Blessings a line of necklaces and has branched out to charms with messages about devotion, nature and wellbeing. Beaded Blessings can be hung on windows, door knobs, lamps, chandeliers, purses, backpacks or anywhere a blessing is needed. All chains are silver electroplated, lead free and hypo-allergenic.

“All my Beaded Blessings are infused with love and light,” said Holland. “The finished Blessings bring me so much joy and fill my heart with happiness. It is my hope that the person receiving one also receives the essence of love, light and joy I infuse in them.”

At the December 8 Northwest Jewelry Showcase, La Boutique Jolie will also have new arrivals from Nuciano handbags, which is designed in Seattle by Joy Egbejimba, and will introduce the Silver Forest jewelry of Bellows Falls, Vermont. To learn more about Northwest jewelry lines, visit La Boutique Jolie.