Convenient, Advanced Dentistry at Issaquah Highlands Dental Group

Issaquah Highlands Dental Group WAIn dentistry, new technologies constantly change the way procedures are performed and illnesses are prevented. At Issaquah Highlands Dental Group, a team of specialists provides the highest level of care and latest technologies in one location. Led by Dr. Bill McGlashan, the dental practice is designed to make dental treatment more convenient. The practice can even do crowns in about two hours.

Issaquah Highlands Dental Group is home to three general dentists, as well as an oral surgeon, periodontist and endodontist. By combining many specialties, the practice offers patients convenient scheduling and consultations, which results in fewer return visits. For example, the practice has integrated CEREC CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) to offer patients same-day crowns. With CAD/CAM, patients do not require traditional impressions, a temporary restoration or a second appointment.

Issaquah Highlands Dental Group“Our goal is to reduce delays so our patients don’t have to take extra time off work, visit different offices across town or spend weeks waiting for a lab,” explains Dr. McGlashan. “With many specialists in one office, there’s no time lost in terms of communication, consultations or the transfer of records. Less waiting means less anxiety and discomfort, resulting in a better experience for every patient. Our team at Issaquah Highlands Dental Group is honored to offer the community state-of-the-art, modern dentistry at a reasonable price – and in a beautiful location.”

At Issaquah Highlands Dental Group, those seeking periodontal care can be treated with lasers, which is a non-surgical approach to arresting the progression of gum disease. The dentists also use an intra-oral camera—a tiny video camera that moves around inside of the mouth and generates a tooth by tooth video exam. This makes it easier to understand treatment by seeing what the dentist sees.

In addition to three dentists who specialize in general dentistry, the practice offers:

Oral Surgery (Wisdom Teeth): While the removal of wisdom teeth is the most well-known type of oral surgery, there are many reasons why oral surgery may be required, including repairing or treating serious conditions affecting a patient’s teeth, palate, lips, jaw or face; alleviating problems due to obstructed sleep apnea, infections or facial pain; repairing maxillofacial region damage caused by a serious accident or injury.

Periodontics (Gum Disease): Periodontics is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. Periodontists also perform dental implant surgery and cosmetic periodontal procedures.

Endodontics (Root Canal): An endodontic treatment saves a severely injured, cracked, or decayed tooth when its pulp (the soft inner tissue inside a tooth’s root canal) becomes inflamed or infected. If it is not treated promptly, pain or a tooth abscess (infection) results. Endodontic treatment is also known as a root canal.

Issaquah Highlands Dental GroupOpen Monday through Saturday, Issaquah Highlands Dental Group offers early morning and evening appointments, and provides a broad spectrum of general dentistry for patients ages three and up. The dentists can often see patients at very short notice and are available for dental emergencies.

Issaquah Highlands Dental Group is located at 1416 Highlands Drive NE next to Carter’s. For info, call 425-557-9000 or visit


Allegro Pediatrics to Open Grand Ridge Plaza Clinic

Allegro PediatricsAllegro Pediatrics will open a full-service pediatric clinic at Grand Ridge Plaza in September 2016, providing medical care to newborns, infants, children and adolescents. The new clinic, located at the corner of 10th Avenue NE and High Street NE, will be home to seven pediatricians.

The clinic will be open on weekdays, weekends and some holidays. Each of the doctors is currently accepting new patients, including Dr. Linda Huang who speaks both Mandarin and Taiwanese, in addition to English.

Formerly known as Pediatric Associates, Allegro Pediatrics has been serving local families for close to 50 years and has eight clinics located throughout Seattle’s Eastside with more than 350 doctors, nurses and staff members. As one of the largest physician-owned pediatric practices in the country, Allegro Pediatrics has helped generations of Eastside kids grow up happy, healthy and strong.

Allegro Pediatrics clinics offer:

  • Same day appointments for illness and injuries, 7 days a week
  • Yearly check-ups to answer everyday questions
  • Sports, school, and camp physicals
  • A complimentary visit to prepare for a baby’s arrival with the pediatrician of your choice
  • Quick visits to get flu shots or other vaccines
  • Special one-on-one visits to focus on a child’s development, behavioral health or other specific concerns
  • Step-by-step care for ongoing health needs
  • On-site lab and x-ray services
  • A 24/7 nurse line for any health-related questions, 365 days a year
  • An online Patient Portal that offers the ability to request an appointment and more
  • An Electronic Health Record that allows the care team instant and secure access to a child’s health record

To make an appointment at Allegro Pediatrics at Grand Ridge Plaza, call (425) 827-4600. To learn more, visit


Calling All Superheroes: Highlands Day 2016

Highlands Day 2016 v1Cape or no cape?! It’s your choice! Dress as your favorite Marvel hero or one of your own creation at Highlands Day, a free community festival in Issaquah Highlands on Saturday, August 27 from noon to 4 pm. A summer tradition for more than 15 years, the festival celebrates the spirit of community. The 2016 theme is Superheroes.

You’ll find all the action at Village Green Park, located east of Grand Ridge Plaza. Don’t worry about the climb: Hop on the free trolley at Regal Cinemas Grand Ridge Plaza from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm to travel up and down the hill.

The day is packed with live entertainment, great food, games and much more. Festival attractions include superhero fun such as climbing, jumping, spinning and racing. Enjoy aerial acts by Animate Objects Physical Theater and live music by Sam Foster. All ages welcome.

Location: Issaquah Highlands at Village Green Park, 2550 NE Park Drive, Issaquah Highlands, 98029


Boosting Brain Function for Back-to-School

By: Dr. Elisha Bokman ND, Lac, NaturoMedica Clinic at Grand Ridge Plaza

NaturoMedica Grand Ridge PlazaSummer is winding down and we are sending our kids back to school. After carefree summer fun, getting back into the school day routine can be challenging. Children often struggle with getting their brains back into school mode.

Back to school means it’s time to hit the books. In my medical practice, I like to use the incredible healing power of foods to boost focus, attention and mental clarity. Here are some easy ways you can support good focus, memory and even mood in your kids to start the school year off on a high note.

Keep Blood Sugar Balanced: For enhancing focus I find that keeping blood sugar balanced is essential. I am a big advocate of breakfast. By waiting too long to eat after waking, blood sugar levels can drop too low, leading to hypoglycemia. A child with low blood sugar will have trouble with focus and learning. To prevent low blood sugar, encourage your kids to eat breakfast within an hour of waking. Another key to keeping blood sugar in balance is including protein and fiber in all meals and snacks. Nuts, seeds, meats and dairy products are great sources of protein. Fiber is high in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. Eating protein and fiber every two to three hours will help your children keep their blood sugar balanced and their brains fed.

NaturoMedica Dr. Bokman 2Stay Hydrated: Staying well hydrated is also important for boosting brain function. Water is vital to keeping brain cells, called neurons, healthy and hydrated so that they can transmit signals from one cell to another. Dehydration can cause a dramatic reduction in brain function that can show up in our kids as fatigue, poor focus and difficulty with memory.

  • I recommend giving your child water to drink with breakfast, sending them to school with an appropriately-sized water bottle for their age, and encouraging them to drink more water after school.
  • The optimal amount of water to drink depends on your child’s age, weight, level of physical activity and the climate you live in. Ask your physician how much water is optimal for your child’s unique needs.

Add Antioxidants: Other superfoods for brain function are antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, including berries and leafy greens. Antioxidants are compounds found naturally in foods that help prevent and repair damage to cells in our bodies, a process called oxidative stress. Antioxidants are particularly important for brain health.

  • Antioxidant levels are high in colorful fruits and vegetables. Play the rainbow game with your kids by making a rainbow chart where they check off every time they eat a colorful fruit or vegetable daily. If they eat the rainbow, offer them an age appropriate incentive.
  • A great way to get several of the colors of the rainbow in at a time is by making a smoothie. A favorite smoothie with my toddler is 1 cup of coconut milk, half a frozen banana, a handful of frozen berries, and a handful of baby spinach or kale. Simply blend and enjoy!

Don’t forget DHA: Omega 3 fats are also key nutrients for a healthy brain. DHA is the specific Omega 3 fatty acid that promotes normal brain growth and development. DHA is found in highest quantities in cold water fatty fish.

  • Wild salmon, lake trout, anchovies, mackerel, herring and sardines are among the best fish options.NaturoMedica Pharmacy These fish are high in brain boosting DHA and low in mercury, a metal contaminant in our oceans that can be harmful to overall health.
  • Other non-fish sources of Omega 3 fats are walnuts, flax, hemp, pumpkin and chia seeds. However, much smaller quantities of DHA are derived from these vegetarian options. For this reason, I often recommend that my patients take a high-quality fish oil supplement from a reputable company that tests for contaminants.

Give these dietary changes a try to support optimal brain function in your little ones. You will be amazed to find what balanced blood sugar, adequate hydration and proper nutrition make in a child’s mood, energy and academic performance.

If you have concerns about your child’s diet, sleep, focus or mood, consider consulting with your local Naturopathic Doctor. Naturopaths specialize in working with diet and lifestyle modifications, nutrient supplementation, herbal medicines and homeopathic remedies to optimize and health and treat medical concerns.

About Dr. Bokman

NaturoMedica Dr. BokmanDr. Bokman is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. She practices at the NaturoMedica clinic at Grand Ridge Plaza, a full-service naturopathic medical clinic that is home to five licensed Naturopathic Physicians. She received her medical training at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. Dr. Bokman enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two-year-old daughter, Luna, out in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. NaturoMedica is located at 1220 10th Avenue NE. You can reach NaturoMedica at 425-557-8900.


Back-To-School Checklist

We’re kicking off our back-to-school series with a checklist to help you prepare for the first day of school. This year, make sure all your “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” crossed before the school bell rings with the help of these specialists and retailers at Grand Ridge Plaza.

Schedule haircuts: Check in online at to skip to the front of the line or drop by the Highlands Drive salon – no appointment needed. For sophisticated services such as balayage and highlights, consult the experts at The Salon at Ulta Beauty or Sorella Salon.

Issaquah Highlands Dental GroupVisit the Dentist: The end of summer is a good time to book dental exams before families get busy with after-school activities. The dentists at Issaquah Highlands Dental Group treat patients of elementary school age and older. Located next to Carter’s, the practice is currently offering a $59 new patient special that includes an exam, cleaning and digital x-rays.

Get Focused: Can they see the whiteboard? Can they focus on road signs at Driver’s Ed? Take guessing out of the picture by scheduling eye exams at Optica Vision Care. Drs. Samuel Ahn and Katie Gunther see patients ages four and older at the full-service optometry clinic on Park Drive.

Zumiez Backpacks IssaquahDouble-check Backpacks: Sort through last year’s gear and determine what’s in great shape – and what needs to be replaced. For backpacks, head to Zumiez and DICK’S Sporting Goods. Both retailers also offer the option of buying online and picking up at the store. Carter’s is also a go-to resource for preschooler backpacks and accessories.

Book Sports Physicals: Allegro Pediatrics is opening a pediatric clinic at Grand Ridge Plaza in September. Each of the seven pediatricians at the new clinic is currently accepting new patients. In addition to sports physicals, the practice offers yearly check-ups to answer everyday questions.

NaturoMedica IssaquahReview Vaccination Schedules: Washington State recently updated required vaccination schedules for school-age children. The NaturoMedica naturopathic medicine clinic at Grand Ridge Plaza has Chicken Pox vaccines in stock to meet new vaccine requirements for ninth to twelfth graders and can provide advice on alternative schedules.

Stock Up for Lunch: Visit Safeway Issaquah Highlands for non-perishable basics such as juice and milk boxes, napkins, sandwich bags and snack foods. Safeway also carries school supplies such as permanent markers, pencils, pens, tissues and loose-leaf paper.

Carter's Back to SchoolShop Your Closets, Then Hit the Stores: From unused school supplies to unworn clothing that still fits, there’s often a hidden gem in every home. Sort through drawers and closets, then visit Marshalls, francesca’s, Zumiez, Carter’s and DICK’S Sporting Goods to shop the latest fashions. (Please consider donating children’s clothing and gear that your family no longer needs to Eastside Baby Corner. Drop off donations at Issaquah Highlands Self-Storage next to BevMo! on High Street seven days a week.)

Charge Your Phone: Make sure you have enough battery power for terrific First Day of School photos.

P.S. The first day of school for both the Issaquah and Bellevue school districts is Thursday, September 1. Renton and Snoqualmie School Districts return a day earlier on Wednesday, August 31.