Pediatric Care Now Available at Naturopathic Clinic

NaturoMedica - Dr. Lisa WadaThe NaturoMedica clinic at Grand Ridge Plaza is growing: The clinic recently welcomed Naturopathic Physician Dr. Lisa Wada, who specializes in pediatrics and maternity care. She joins the practice after leading her own private practice in Kirkland for 10 years.

Dr. Wada’s pediatrics focus is from birth to early adulthood. She typically meets her new patients at their first exam when they are just one-week-old. As a naturopathic physician, she provides everything from Well Child exams to allergy testing and vaccinations, including management of alternative vaccination schedules. She’s also had success working with children diagnosed with AD(H)D and Autism spectrum disorders. Her specialty includes both mental and emotional support for children as they grow, including pre-teen and teen concerns such as depression and anxiety. Like all the doctors at NaturoMedica, Dr. Wada works with a range of specialists to provide referrals when needed.

NaturoMedica with LogoFor women, Dr. Wada provides a full spectrum of care, including optimizing hormones and nutrition during fertility treatments. (Editor’s note: The practice also provides health optimization care for men during fertility treatments.) Dr. Wada partners with a woman’s OB/GYN or primary care physician during pregnancy to provide adjunctive care, and offers post-partum services for the health of new mothers, including breastfeeding support and treatment of post-partum depression.

“The most rewarding part of my career is supporting women from preconception to pregnancy and then welcoming babies into the practice,” explains Dr. Wada. “It’s an opportunity to change someone’s life in a positive way.”

The NaturoMedica clinic, which is open six days a week, is home to seven licensed Naturopathic Physicians that treat conditions such as digestive issues, fatigue, diabetes, menopause, migraines and arthritis. NaturoMedica doctors can provide primary care or work with a patient’s established physician to address health concerns. The clinic also offers acupuncture and IV (intravenous) therapy.

NaturoMedica - Naturopathic DoctorsNaturoMedica also has a retail dispensary that is open to the public and offers an assortment of medical-grade supplements that are sold only to licensed healthcare professionals. Products chosen for the NaturoMedica store go through a rigorous selection process. The medical-grade supplements provide comprehensive ingredient lists and ensure product purity – an essential requirement for anyone with allergies.

NaturoMedica’s pediatric care services include the following:

  • Immune support (disease prevention, antibiotic education, colds, flus and recurrent ear infections)
  • Allergies and asthma (including hay fever, food allergies and sensitivities)
  • Vaccinations
  • Digestive disorders or diseases (diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, abdominal pain, irritable bowel and ulcerative colitis)
  • Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne, warts, diaper rashes, hives and allergic reactions)
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling (including weight loss or weight gain, insomnia or sleep disorders including bed wetting)
  • Emotional wellness (including ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders or behavioral and/or learning disorders)
  • Growth and development (well child check-ups and milestones, annual exams, and sports physicals)

NaturoMedica is located at 1220 10th Ave NE at Grand Ridge Plaza in Issaquah Highlands. To learn more, call (425) 557-8900 or visit


Ready, Set, Launch: Kumon

Kumon IssaquahEducator Cindy McVay believes the greatest challenge facing kids today is the scope and size of global issues, combined with the sheer amount of information available to learn. McVay, director of Kumon Math and Reading Center of Issaquah Highlands, has been working with Eastside students for more than a decade, helping them prepare for the uncharted problems of the future. Kumon is an international enrichment program that offers multi-level math and reading programs, giving students the confidence to reach for their goals—whether that’s algebra or AP English.

On a sunny day at the Kumon classroom at Grand Ridge Plaza, McVay reflected on the issues today’s generation faces: “Students need a particularly strong foundation in math and reading to help them tackle more complex academic challenges as they head to college and launch careers. Students are graduating from high school knowing more, but still need to master the basics. They must be able to solve multifaceted problems using both logic and creativity. They are also expected to have a level of mature thinking that wasn’t expected of previous generations.”

Unlike typical tutoring programs, Kumon helps children develop the necessary skills to progress.Kumon Classroom The program can also help struggling students gain confidence by strengthening their basic skills, especially at critical learning periods such as second or third grade.

“Many kids struggle with confidence issues because their foundation in math or reading isn’t solid,” explains McVay. “They slip through the cracks, making up for their deficits by capitalizing on their strengths. For example, they’ll have a conversation rather than learning by reading, or they’ll avoid topics related to math because they don’t like it or don’t think they are good at it.”

Kumon programs, which are tailored to each child, help kids rebuild that foundation in math or reading so they feel confident applying what they know. The community setting of the Kumon classroom offers opportunities to recognize progress, including McVay’s hand-sewn badges that children earn by achieving new levels.

According to McVay, who was a public school teacher in California for 18 years before opening Kumon, today’s parents also have an even greater commitment to their children’s academic lives. McVay explains that, “Parents make a tremendous commitment to keeping their children engaged in learning and giving them opportunities to succeed—perhaps much more than their own parents did. This is largely in response to what they see as the future needs of a global workforce.”

“The Eastside is very fortunate to have parents and schools that are dedicated to helping kids succeed, concludes McVay. “Being surrounded by people who care about you, and who can help you learn, is an essential ingredient in becoming the person you are meant to be.”

Kumon AwardsEnrolling at Kumon: Children age three and up can enroll in Kumon. The reading program begins with basic phonics and progresses all the way through advanced reading comprehension and writing composition, while the math program helps children progress from counting through calculus. Monthly tuition for one subject is $150 or $250 for two subjects.

Learn more at or by calling 425-369-1072. Kumon is located at 1036 NE Park Drive, between Agave Cocina & Tequilas and Highlands Cleaners.


Save Time at The UPS Store

The UPS Store ExteriorWe love saving time by shopping close-to-home, and that goes double for running errands. Whether you need to get passport photos, find a notary, drop off a package or print invitations, The UPS Store at Grand Ridge Plaza is a good resource. Locally-owned and operated by Fannie and Lawrence Siu, The UPS Store offers these services and much more:

Personal Mailboxes: With the rash of mail thefts reported in the area, many of us are seeking alternatives for letter and package delivery. The UPS Store offers personalized mailbox services that offer more security: you get mail and package acceptance from all carriers, a real street address, and email/text notification when a package arrives. They’ll sign for items and hold your mail securely until you can pick it up – or they can forward your mail to you, wherever you are.

Notary Public: The UPS Store at Grand Ridge Plaza has licensed professional notary publics on staff.The UPS Store Fannie Siu They’re available to notarize documents such as affidavits, trusts and contracts. Once your documents are notarized, they can make copies and send them to their destination. (Remember to bring a government issued photo ID.)

Passport Photos: Did you know the State Department expects more than 17 million new passports and passport renewals in 2016? To streamline the process, The UPS Store offers passport photo services. They also offer postal services to quickly deliver your application to the National Passport Processing Center.

Drop-off Returns: The UPS Store can accept pre-paid parcels for both UPS and U.S. Postal Service shipping, including returns to retailers. Just drop them off at the counter and they’ll ensure your return gets on its way.

DSC_2086Shipping Fragile & Antique Items: If you’re shipping Aunt Dorothy’s antique china across the country, there’s no need to use a shipping company. The UPS Store handles precious items and has a reputation for safe, secure packaging and shipping of valuables of all sizes. They also offer insurance. The rates are often lower than similar services.

Printing: Whether your ink cartridge died or you need professional collateral for an event, The UPS Store can help. They can print and produce a wide variety of materials. To get started, get an estimate online. You can also upload your designs and save a trip to the store.

The UPS Store is located at 1567 Highlands Drive NE in Issaquah Highlands at Grand Ridge Plaza. To reach the store, call (425) 369-3050. They’re open Monday thru Saturday. Free parking is available in the adjacent parking lot. Street parking is also available.

Photos by Shubha Tirumale Photography.


Explore Your Creativity at The Big Fish Grill

Big Fish Corks and CanvasCreativity is in the air at The Big Fish Grill Issaquah. On the fourth Wednesday of the month, aspiring artists and newcomers alike flock to Big Fish’s private dining room for Corks and Canvas Events paint parties. These popular events combine painting and wine, making them a hot ticket.

For more than five years, the locally-owned Corks and Canvas Events has been bringing people together to reconnect with their creative selves. At each party, Corks and Canvas Events provides all the supplies and step-by-step expert instruction for painting a personal masterpiece. A glass of wine or beer is included in registration, making it a fun paint and sip evening.

At the end of the party, everyone goes home with their own painting. There’s no drawing involved and quite simply, no wrong way to paint.

“This is a chance to do something you’ve never done before and surprise yourself,” explains Corks andBig Fish Grill Paint Parties Canvas Events CFO Lisa Cryder. “Paint parties are also a great way to meet people if you’re new to the area.”

At The Big Fish Grill, participants gather in the private dining room to begin instruction at 6 p.m. — or earlier in the bar to enjoy Happy Hour, where a bowl of Big Fish’s famous Clam Chowder is only $3. It’s a popular destination for birthday celebrations, showers and Girls Night Out.

Originally conceived as a way to bring people to local tasting rooms, Corks and Canvas Events parties have grown to more than 30 events per month at venues across Washington. Recently, they opted to reduce the size of each canvas from 16 by 20 inches to 11 by 14 inches. The reason? Paint party regulars ran out of wall space to hang their art.

“I like to think of Corks and Canvas Events parties as therapy for adults,” explains Cryder. “It’s a chance to take a real break from electronics and connect with the world around you.”

Fundraising Idea: In addition to offering corporate and private events, Corks and Canvas Events partners with local nonprofits and PTSAs to produce paint party fundraisers. Reach out to Corks and Canvas for information about hosting a fundraiser in The Big Fish Grill Issaquah’s private dining room.

Big Fish Grill Cost and Registration: Corks and Canvas Events debuts new artwork at paint parties each month. The cost per person is $45 plus tax. Prices vary based on specific art supplies. They’re currently running a Groupon that brings the cost to $26.50. Advance registration is required. Learn more at Corks and Canvas Events. No experience is required.

The Big Fish Grill Issaquah is located at 984 NE Park Drive, next to Regal Cinemas. You can reach Big Fish Grill at (425) 369-4334. Reservations are also available on Open Table. The private dining room seats up to 35 and is available for corporate events, luncheons, private parties and celebrations.


On-The-Go Dining

MOD Pizza Issaquah Grand Ridge Plaza

FullSizeRender (6)Sometimes, it seems like the activities rush never ends. If you’re carpooling to swim practice, hurrying to piano or setting up for science fair, mealtime logistics often don’t fall into place. For days like these, you’ll find great eateries at Grand Ridge Plaza. Jimmy John’s, MOD Pizza and SUBWAY are among the kid-friendly options for fast, on-the-go dining.

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches: Order online for pick-up or swing by Jimmy John’s and place a counter order. Choose from classics such as roast beef and tuna, or try one of their trademark sandwiches like the Turkey Tom, J.J.B.L.T. or Vito. The average cost per eight-inch sandwich is $5 to $6.

In a rush? We recommend delivery. Check online to see if your address is within their service area. Jimmy John’s is located at 1567 Highlands Drive NE next to GNC.

MOD PizzaMOD Pizza: When MOD Pizza says it’s super fast, they mean it. Their 800-degree oven cooks pizza in less than three minutes. Each pizza is handmade: choose your own toppings or one of MOD’s classics. The price is the same regardless of how many toppings you choose. A mini 6-inch pizza is $4.87 and the 11-inch is $7.87. MOD’s thin-crust dough is organic and made with wheat-based pizza flour, water and seasonings. It contains no dairy or sugar. Salads are custom-made and make a great take-out option.

For faster service, order online and pick-up at Grand Ridge Plaza. MOD Pizza is located at 1568 Highlands Drive NE between Frame Central and Soma Intimates.

SubwaySUBWAY: With bread baking in the oven all day, not to mention cookies, SUBWAY is always a crowd pleaser. All sandwiches are made-to-order, so picky eaters get exactly what they want. There are also great options for those who want to eat healthier. SUBWAY’s Fresh Fit sandwiches have 5 grams of fat or less and their 9-grain wheat bread has 24 grams of whole grain per 6-inch serving. Plus, you can ask for any sub as a salad. Most subs are in the $5 to $6 range. SUBWAY is located at 1012 Park Drive NE between Optica Vision Care and Kumon Learning Centers.

For coffee breaks in and around Issaquah Highlands, we love Starbucks at the corner of Park Drive and Ninth Avenue NE, as well as Caffe Ladro at the corner of Park Drive and Tenth Avenue NE. The Safeway Deli at Grand Ridge Plaza also has freshly-made hot and cold deli sandwiches, soups, pizza, paninis, ribs, salads, and deli trays for groups, not to mention a Starbucks of its own.